Fractals and Purflings Galore!

The two latest galleries to be uploaded are all about details! One is an oldie, but a goodie, that just sold and so I finally got around to taking pictures of it. The star of the show here, in my opinion, is the zebrawood radial purfling on the top's edge. Really takes this parallel-braced, dual-humbucker archtop to a new level.

Two New Galleries Up- Dakota Red and Crazy Burl Stuff!

One client instrument and a spec build recently were completed. It's always nice when things are finished around the same time as it allows me to take pictures at the same time... I'm not the best photographer so it's really helpful for me to get some economies of scale in this area. Sadly, my camera was on the fritz when these were finished and I was on a deadline to deliver the customer guitar so... iPhone pictures it is!

New Youtube Video with In-Depth Lutherie Nerding Out

I just put up a new video to our youtube channel that covers the delivery of a guitar to its owner (and the cool story that goes along with it). It also features some really in-depth conversations about this Oval Hole Archtop I recently finished, a flamenco guitar from Morelli Guitars, as well as demos of both instruments.

Go check it out on the Raygun Guitars Youtube page and remember to subscribe!

Maybe My Coolest Build Yet...

This recently-delivered archtop guitar is insane. The number of cool little features and innovations is through the roof.

2 New Galleries Added

These two new galleries are funny because it shows just how much easier it is to take pictures of satin guitars compared to full gloss! It's amazing how many different skills a luthier must have to get from lumber to a finished guitar on a website.
Take a look at them here:

Have you Ever Seen an Ash Like That?!

We've uploaded a new gallery of a custom Model1T Thinline with some of the curliest ash you will ever see! Check it out over in the Custom Galleries section.

4 New Galleries Added!!!

We finally got around to taking some glamor shots of a number of our recent builds! It's funny how much fun the workshop can be; to the point you forget you have to take pictures to actually sell these things! Read more here for a look at a couple Model2s, a tech-heavy Model1, and something ya'll have never seen before!

We Built a Prize for Bitcamp 2016!

Every year the University of Maryland holds a hackathon called Bitcamp. One of the sponsors approached us about crafting an instrument to use as a prize for the 2016 competition. At the end it will go home with one lucky participant. Learn more about the project and drool at pictures in the gallery section.

New Gallery, Dream Customer

I love it when we get customers like this! Michael gave us a theme, a model selection, and a hardware choice for the bridge/trem... the rest was purely up to us! We got to play with some really fantastic materials on this guitar! Everything from a carbon fiber reinforced bamboo neck and body to a one-piece quilted maple top bent over the arm rest. We even got to go crazy with the electronics to offer Michael a bevy of sounds since this will be his studio guitar.
Want to know more? Take a peek at the gallery here.

Custom TKL Cases

We've been working behind the scenes with TKL to come up with some custom built cases so that you can protect your Raygun Guitar with the utmost quality. The outcome is our Tweed and red plush hardshell cases. There's a custom insert as well to ensure that both your Model 1 and Model 2 fit snuggly in this one multi-purpose case design.


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