We here at Raygun Guitars are guitar nerds through and through. We're fascinated with vintage inspired design but can't seem to help ourselves from blending in modern aesthetics and incorporating new innovations. We want to combine the better aspects of various designs into a cohesive package that best serves a guitar's function: to make music.

After over a decade of design work, prototyping, and small batches we are thrilled to finally introduce our designs on a larger scale and at truly accessible price points. We sincerely hope that you'll come to love our endeavors as much as we do, and that they help inspire you to create beautiful music.

Raygun Guitars is made up of two distinct areas:

  • Raygun Engineering: Our design house and importer of premium-quality guitars from our Korean partners.
  • Raygun Experimental Labs: is our mad scientist's playground. Although this wing of the company does not actively take on work and mostly focuses on R&D efforts, it has been known to sell its creations when they have served their intended purposes. Keep your eyes peeled on the Custom Guitar Galleries page for Experimental Labs work that is currently available.