Fractals and Purflings Galore!

The two latest galleries to be uploaded are all about details! One is an oldie, but a goodie, that just sold and so I finally got around to taking pictures of it. The star of the show here, in my opinion, is the zebrawood radial purfling on the top's edge. Really takes this parallel-braced, dual-humbucker archtop to a new level.

The other new gallery is a collaboration with an artist called Mathscaper. Usually when visualizing fractals, such as in a Mandelbrot set visualization, the renderer takes the speed at which an point on the coordinate plane returns to being a 'real number' (as opposed to imaginary) and associates it to a color on a spectrum. This creates some absolutely wild patterns. Now imagine that same process, but where instead of a color on a spectrum, a depth of cut through multi-colored plywood is used. Welcome to the world of 3D fractals! This may be one of the crazier builds I've ever done and I've got to say, "I'm totally hooked!" There's nothing quite like working with another artist that you massively respect the work of.