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The Model 2 is a modern take on a cult classic. We here at Raygun Guitars can't seem to get enough of the offset aesthetic and we believe the Model 2 is a crowning achievement in the field. It's sleek, modern design will surely make you stand out on stage! Add to the mix 2 raging P90s and you've got yourself a tone machine that will crash through everything from alternative rock, to blues, and country.

The Model2 is also available with true Jazzmaster-style single coil pickups as the Model2J

The Model 2J is the older-brother to the Model 2. This model was crafted for the serious offset guitar fan! Not only is it a stylish modern design that still harks back to its classic influences, but it's one of the only import offsets to really be true to its heritage. What do we mean by that? Well the Model 2J features 100% authentic, US wound Jazzmaster-style pickups by the Rose Pickups company. That's right, wide, flat coils with true alnico pole pieces.

The Model 1 is the guitar that started it all. Our flagship design is an elegant singlecut that has just enough edge for the discerning player. Don't let the tele-style appointments fool you into thinking this is your dad's old guitar because on top of a little chicken pickin', the Model 1 is hot enough to tear through your favorite classic rock and blues tunes as well.