Triple-Dyed FIRE Box Elder Burl Stabilized Droptop

No question, this is my favorite top I've ever stabilized! It's from the most impressive burl I've ever bought and features a triple-dye-stabilized color-scheme that is second to none. Trying to capture just how dense the burl-eyes on tops from this piece is really hard.
Dimensions: .24"+ x 7 1/16"" x 13 1/2"-18 3/4"
Price: $450

A little information about acrylic stabilized woods:

  • Acrylic penetrates the wood on a cellular level giving it add strength, toughness, and weight.
  • Acrylic stabilization does not turn the wood "into plastic." It is still wood, works like wood, and with burls may still move slightly like burl wood will.
  • Stabilized wood can be worked, glued, carved, etc. in the exact same manner as standard wood.
  • Minor additional surfacing may be required.
  • Burls may include voids that need to be filled, as seen in pictures. However, this is half the fun! When you decide on the color scheme of your build the voids can be filled with complementary colored resins.
  • Prices are determined by size, thickness, figure, number of colors.